Soul of Tango
Alma de Tango
Osvaldo Barrios
Osvaldo Barrios was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since the age of 12, has completely dedicated himself
to his musical instrument, the Bandoneon. He began his illustrious career performing with well-known tango
orchestras in his native Buenos Aires, including the orchestras of Miguel Calo, Mariano Mores, Jorge Caldara and
Mario DeMarco. Throughout his career in both Buenos Aires and The United States, Osvaldo Barrios
accompanied legendary tango singers such as Libertad Lamarque, Roberto Goyeneche, Ruben Juarez,
Guillermo Fernandez, Alberto Podesta, Amelita Baltar, Raul Lavie, Horacio Deval and many others.

In 1967, Barrios immigrated to Los Angeles, and there formed the famous trio: Tres Para El Tango. Here, he laid the
foundations for Tango in the American world of the Performing Arts by playing extensively from Catalina Island
to San Francisco to Beverly Hills. Barrios also established himself in Hollywood as a musician for the motion picture
industry, as a songwriter and performer for movies such as Vibes with Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum. He also
recorded with pop singer Amanda Miguel on two of her albums. In his travels within the United States and
abroad spreading the worldwide fascination and respect for his native music, he has gained worldwide
recognition as one of the foremost Bandoneon artists. His most well-known fan is tango-aficionado, Robert Duval.

In 1989, he established himself in Miami, where he continued to travel locally and abroad. Here, he joined forces
with pianist, Ruben Stefano, and later incorporating violinist, Elias Garnik under the name of ‘Tango To Tango.”  
From this location he also performed with “Real Tango” on an American tour through various colleges &
churches in the Ohio area.  In 2005, he performed with pop music idol, Diego Torres, as the opening act for the
MTV Latin Music Awards, combining traditional tango with good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he continues to express his exceptional musical talent, traveling
to guest star in various tango shows.  From this new home base, he has traveled to Los Angeles to guest star at
the Los Angeles International Tango Festival, as well as to various tango shows in North and South Carolina.
Osvaldo is currently on board with Emory University, sponsored by Coca Cola, as part of the guest faculty.

His children, Silvia, Dinito and Ozzie., are producing a new project, “Soul Of Tango” which features Osvaldo and
his Bandoneon as the star performer in a lively road show. This is a new musical production with Osvaldo
expressing himself as the very “Soul of Tango” on stage, bringing to life the passion and romance of Argentina.
Expect to see the show with Osvaldo, guest musicians, tango singers and dancers in a major city near you!
For booking & contracting:

Silvia Pancaro (Manager)
PHONE: 754-204-6303

Osvaldo Barrios
PHONE: (347) US-Tango